Beyond the photos I take for other people, I am frequently found with a camera in hand. Whether it's wandering around London streets or in the countryside.

52 Weeks

For the past couple of years I have worked on a project called "The 52 Weeks...". The idea was to plan, shoot and edit a shot on a particular set theme or challenge. Doing this each week meant having to plan my time wisely during the week to make sure I had time to get it done and edited before the deadline.

All 52 photos from 2016.

52 Weeks of 2016

Below is a collage of all 52 photos from 2015 and below that are a few larger examples of individual shots.


52 Weeks of 2015 Finale

Tower Bridge - 2am Rush

High key portrait]


Chapter 2: Lunch

Bush House

One of my biggest and most popular projects has been my photo collection documenting the final year of broadcasting at BBC Bush House.

Bush House was the home of BBC World Service for 70 years until 2012 when World Service moved to Broadcasting House to share premises and facilities with the rest of BBC Radio and BBC News.
Bush House was a beacon of hope and source of impartial news right from WWII with broadcasts to the French Resistence to covering the London bombings in 2005. I was priveledged enough to work there for a number of years and so I decided to document the final year mainly for my own memory. But the photos shared via Flickr seems to have been very popular with the public too.

I took a few hundred photos and shared 239 of them. I'm tempted to get them printed into a book at some point too.

Bush House from Kingsway BBC Bush House S5 - Coles 4038 No news Studio S10 - the end







In early 2013 I got interested in the 100 Strangers project which is run by an informal group on flickr. The idea is simple, try to take 100 photos of strangers met out in public. You can find them on the streets or at any public event, but it must be a portrait taken with permission (ie no candid shots).
I'm still working on this project, but here's my first few.

Stranger No 1 - Lisa

Stranger No 1 - Lisa [explored]

Stranger No 2 - Julian

Stranger No 2 - Julian (B&W)

Stranger No 3 - James

Stranger No 3 - James

Stranger No 4 - Eleanor

Stranger No 4 - Eleanor

Stranger No 5 - Sarah

Stranger No 5 - Sarah

 I won't add any more here, but if you check my flickr page, more may appear there